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Strongly Opinionated List of NFT Gem projects, Customized Promotion, Custom Media Support Production, and Custom Referential Website.

Welcome to Ada NFT Treasures!

I started my journey in crypto back in 2020 I was a latecomer. I almost immediately got into the NFT scene, after a tumultuous journey, and through my personal experience I became a seasoned trader, and I took part in different projects either as a community manager or a discord moderator. Furthermore, I gave counsel and advice to many players in the scene and developed a critical mind over the whole space.

My journey drove me to use and learn the many AI tools available nowadays, with the different kind of tools I started using, I managed to achieve a good understanding of the technology and became more experienced with my prompt and the tools I use to make an image. From a simple prompt to what is now a full process, I like to think I have achieved a certain style and consistency, enough to bring something worthwhile to the Cardano NFT scene. Either with promotional content generated or NFTs media support, I aim to bring a new perspective on AI-generated art and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Grow Your Vision!

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